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Working from your zone of genius


Your Zone of Genius is that space where you are inspired and driven by a sense of meaning and purpose, and where you feel the joy, creativity, and passion that keeps you in your flow.

If you're willing to make a commitment to doing things that favor your genius, it opens itself effortlessly.

Gay Hendricks

Discover Your Ikigai to

Work From Your Zone of Genius

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means your ‘reason for being.’ ‘Iki’ in Japanese means ‘life,’ and ‘gai’ describes value or worth. Your Ikigai therefore, is that motivating force that gives your life purpose, meaning, and joy. It has been described as "finding your bliss", "the sweet spot", or the Zone of Genius.

This Two-Day Interactive Workshop will guide you to Uncover Your Ikigai, Align Your Services with Your Zone of Genius, Create Your Enrolling Message, and Understand How to Guide Your Team to Maximize their Unique Abilities.

Two -Day Workshop Wednesday March 29th & Friday March 31st.         12-2pm ET / 9-11am PT  Both Days.


& Fulfill Your Purpose

 Only $427 Investment ($ 1,000 VALUE)


We will uncover your zone of genius to maximize your skills and unique talents. Then we will align your Vision, Mission, and Purpose with your business, to make sure your products and services are aligned with your zone of genius.


Based on your zone of genius, we can create powerful messaging that will attract, and impact, your ideal clientele. From content creation to delivery, I work with you to create magnetic presentations that will grow your business.


You will gain the skills to support your team members' innate abilities to produce greater results. Our six figure Executive Leadership program, adapted to your entrepreneurial needs, will equip you, and your company, to reach higher levels.

$497 Investment

($ 1,000 VALUE)

Two -Day Workshop Wednesday March 29th & Friday March 31st.

12-2pm ET / 9-11am PT  Both Days.

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“As an Entrepreneur, and Claudia’s client, I am very confident of the skills Claudia taught me. I’m thankful for her tips and feel much more self-assured...”  

Social Impact Movement.


"I have taught executives for over forty years... I've worked with many people over the years, and she is by far the most effective teacher I've ever met."

Executive Coach & Communication Consultant


“One word, describes Claudia: That word is BRILLIANT!!!  Her expertise is second to none! If you are looking for someone to help get your business organized, schedule with her today!!"

Global Skincare Consultant

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