Are you Ready to Ignite Your Health, Recharge Your Body, and Re-kindle Your Life's Vision?

All Inclusive 4 Days & 4 Nights of Yoga, Meditation, Coaching, Tourism, Wellness, Detox,  Ceremonies and Transformation
Enhance Healthy Habits 
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*Develop the skills to support a healthy mindset & growth.

*Align with your goals and present moment.

*Release limiting beliefs to achieve your goals.



*Improve Your Self-Care & Wellbeing.

*Relax, Recharge, and Reconnect with your body's needs.

*Feel energized through an invigorating daily Yoga Practice.

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*Manage stress and enhance inner peace.

*Allow Inner Silence and Incorporate greater Mindfulness in your life.

*Connect with your Heart's Desire and Life Purpose.

Included In Your Retreat

Concha House
On Site Cenote


Located 90 miles south of Cancun, on the Yucatan Peninsula, you will be staying at Paledora Resort, a rustic paradisical Boho Chic retreat nestled in the Jungle. With a natural spring water cavern on the property (called a Cenote), this is nature in all of its splendor! You will Immerse yourself in the vibrant, lush Mayan Jungles of Chemuyil to Reconnect with your Inner Guidance and your Heart’s Desires.

For 4 days and 4 nights you will leave the hectic pace of modern day life and enjoy the sounds of exotic birds all around you as you commune with nature, in these majestic and awe inspiring places, with like minded people, and with your Inner Self in this exclusive, highly curated retreat.

Included, you will take a private tour of Sac Aktun, the largest natural spring water cavern system in the world, and a powerful energetic vortex, with amazing stalagmites and stalactites formed over 3 million years ago. This experience is truly awe inspiring!


Enjoy farm to table healthy meals prepared fresh daily, with exquisite local flavors and tropical combinations. All meals are prepared to balance your body's needs, and to support you to cleanse and detox if you so desire.

All meals will have vegetarian and vegan options. Breakfasts will include lacto-ovo-vegetarian options. Lunches and snacks will be lighter vegan and vegetarian, and dinners will include chicken, fish, or shrimp international cuisine meals. 

Fresh Juices Daily
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Go beyond the limiting beliefs that may have been stopping you from reaching your dreams and your hearts desire so that you can free yourself to walk a path of elevated consciousness and fulfill you Mission, Vision and purpose. Through play and coaching, you will actively raise your awareness, connect with your intuition, and work to expand the understanding that you really are infinite potential.

The peace and tranquility of our surroundings also facilitates deep healing on many levels and the ability to listen to your inner truth. We'll support you in creating the healthiest vision for your year ahead and your life going forward.


Your Renaissance Retreat is designed to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, and a break from the everyday routine.

You will have the opportunity to experience and practice a variety of yoga styles, including vinyasa flow, yin & restorative yoga,  and a more energizing power yoga. 

Every class is appropriate for all levels (even first timers) and will be catered to your individual needs, ensuring you feel comfortable throughout each class.

You will also experience daily Meditations and Visualization exercises to soothe, re-energize, or reignite your Being.

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Marta Headshot
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Marta Jordan De Urries

Marta is a certified Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teacher, ICF certified Ontological Life Coach, a Meditation Instructor, a Reiki Level II Facilitator, and an Astrology enthusiast. 

Marta has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and deepened her practice by taking the 200 hr certification in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga with Fred Busch in Miami in 2015.

Her classes provide a deeper sense of awareness, healing, and equilibrium of body and mind. Marta supports her clients in finding  the balance they desire by coaching them to care for mind, body, and soul.

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Claudia Rocafort
Claudia Rocafort

Claudia is an ICF Certified Life Coach, a Business Coach, a Communication Consultant, Kundalini Radiant Child Yoga Instructor, Rising Star Certified Practitioner, & Meditation Guide.

Claudia has coached clients on their communication, mindset and leadership skills to maximize their results in life, as well as propel their organizations to achieve their highest potential, since 2006.

She has spent over 30 years on a continuous path of spiritual growth, self empowerment, yoga practice, meditation, nutrition and holistic healing, which she loves to share to support her clients. 

Client Love 

"Marta showed me how to trust myself and more importantly, that we always have endless possibilities as long as you have the right intention and focus.

Because of Marta I learnt the importance of integrating mindfulness and being in the moment. When we practiced yoga the only thing that mattered was that moment and thats something that I’ve taken with me in everyday life.

Thank you for helping me find the way. Thanks to you I have realized that I'm a strong and powerful woman and that the universe really does have my back."


“Claudia is an absolutely wonderful Coach. When I first found out about her, I immediately had an intuition that this woman would be a positive and influential figure in my life... and I’m so happy that I listened to my intuition. She creates a safe, calming, and motivating environment for me to come to with my thoughts and my goals.  She provides thoughtful insight...she invites me to think outside of the box or from different angles I hadn't yet considered.  I have grown and gained much confidence and conviction through working with Claudia, and I am very grateful to her for that.  She is a wonderful human being, and I’m blessed to have her in my life.”


“I have had the pleasure of working with Marta as a life coach over the last four months, she has supported me through the tough conversations, the ones we try not to have with ourselves...

Relationships, family and our bigger destiny. Her experience and loving energy allowed me to open up and share to find peace around topics that were holding me from my best life.

Our connection has grown quickly from coach and coaches to friendship, having Marta in my corner creates space for EVERYTHING I you Marta”

 JOIN US Oct. 11th - Oct. 15th

All Included Wednesday thru Sunday to Recharge Your Body, Mind and Spirit, Reconnect with Your Life Vision, and Re-kindle Your Goals for the year.

Double Rooms for only $1497 
 Single Rooms for $1897

**Other Payment Plans Also Available. Call us and we will work with you to create a payment plan that supports you!

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Paledora resort is about an hour and a half drive south from Cancun airport. When you register you will receive a google form where we will ask for your flight itinerary, among other things, to try to accommodate a van to transfer you to the resort.

We recommend AA Flight #2422 if you are departing from Miami so that you can get some extra settle in time. AA Flight #2422 departs at 12:25 pm and arrives in Cancun at 1:17pm. If you need to work you can arrive in the evening and still gain all the benefits as the gusto starts Thursday Morning.

We will have a complimentary van service departing Cancun airport at 2pm (or at the time most passengers arrive once you fill your trave forms. *If you prefer a later time, you can share a taxi for approximately $120 for up to 3 passengers, and we can help you coordinate with safe taxis and other passengers.. The drive to the resort will take about an hour and a half.

On Sunday we will have a late checkout of 3pm, so you can participate in the morning activities and so that you can enjoy lunch and the spring water pool. We will have a van leaving to the airport at 2pm. If you are returning to Miami we recommend AA flight #1723 departing Cancun at 5:50pm. Remeber the drive to the airport will take about an hour and a half and if you need a different departure time, we can help you coordinate with safe taxis and other passengers. so you can share a taxi for  $120 for up to 3 passengers,


You will receive four days filled with Yoga and Meditation daily practices, health coaching and empowering mindset skills for success, cleansing farm to table selection of meals including vegan and vegetarian options, exploring special energetic locations and breathtaking local gems, a fire circle, grounding ceremonies, and a Temazcal (guided sweat lodge) cleanse. At the resort we will provide you with refillable water bottles, coaching worksheets, pens, yoga mats, and organic insect repellant. We suggest you bring a Journal.

Airfare to Cancun Airport & Insurance are NOT included. We recommend you plan accordingly for what makes you feel most comfortable. Transportation to/from the resort is available depending on your arrival time as explained in the Transportation section above.

We will send you an intake form to specify any allergies, dietary preferences, travel itinerary, and other important information to best prepare for your stay. If you have any special needs or requests, please notify us when you register so we can do our best to accommodate your needs. We look forward to enjoying this retreat with you and supporting you in your journey!



Our resort is in the tropical jungles of Chemuyil and does not provide easy access to shopping or pharmacies.  We suggest you carefully pack any perscription medication, making sure to bring extra in case of any emergency or delay in travel.

We recommend you bring a hat, "reef safe" sunblock (and we will have some too), walking shoes or easy sandals, and bring a pair shoes that can get wet.

Please also make sure to bring a white outfit for our last night's bonfire celebration!

The weather at this time of the year ranges from 75˚- 88˚ Fahrenheit (24˚-31˚ Celsius) so pack light  clothes, shorts, tanks, bathing suits, dresses, and a sweater or light long sleeve in case it rains. Every bedroom has AC and light sheets (there are no comforters). The common rooms are open to nature and have fans. We will provide natural insect repellent at the resort.


Full refund for cancellations 60 days in advance of the retreat start date.

50% refund for cancellations up to 30 days before the retreat start date.

NO refund for cancellation less than 30 days before the retreat start date.

*Emergency cancellations will be considered on a per case basis.


Ignite the Light in your life with your Renaissance!


Maximum 12 Participants per Retreat

Double Rooms for only $1497 
& Single Rooms for  $1897 

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