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Creating Conscious Communications

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Wether in your personal life, your professional life, or both, we work together to clear whatever is in the way of accomplishing your goals and dreams.


I have been training leaders to thrive for over 15 years. From C-Suite Level Coaching to Team Building, and Management Skills, I empower you, and your company, to reach higher levels.

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We align your Vision, Mission, and Purpose with your business, to create a powerful message - from content creation to delivery - that will impact, and attract, your ideal clientele.

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From fulfilling personal goals, to life transitions and transformations, I work with you on clearing the way to attaining your heart's desire through Life Coaching, communication skills, or organizational skills.

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Hi, I'm Claudia

I work with high achievers, and people pivoting, to clear what is in the way of attaining their goals so that they can maximize their results in life.

As an Executive Coach, Business Coach, ICF certified Life Coach, and Conscious Communication Consultant, I have been training Leaders since 2006.

As a single parent with 3 careers, I learned to empower clients with Time Management techniques & Organizational tools to turn Soft Skills into Power Skills.

With my 28 years of acting experience on stage, and on camera, I teach you Public Speaking skills and all the tools to create Powerhouse Presentations so you can generate the greatest impact with your message!

Be The Best You Can Be!

Claudia Rocafort LoRes

Time Management Mastery

Tired of overwhelm and a To-Do list that never seems to be completed?

Would you like to create more time for yourself and the people or things you value most?

Want to be clear on what to prioritize to fulfill those goals?


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