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Whether in your professional life, your personal life, or both, we work with you, and/or your company, to clear whatever is in the way of accomplishing your goals and dreams.


I have been training leaders to thrive since 2006. From C-Suite Executive Coaching, to Sales force and Department Team Building, I equip you, and your company, to reach higher levels.

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We align your Vision, Mission, and Purpose with your business to create powerful messaging that will  attract, and impact, your ideal clientele. From content creation to delivery,  we work with you to create magnetic presentations that will grow your business.

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From fulfilling personal goals, to life transitions and transformations, I work with you on clearing the way to attaining your heart's desire through Life Coaching, communication skills, or organizational skills.

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Hi, I'm Claudia

I work with high achievers, and people on a mission, to clear what is in the way of attaining their goals so that they can maximize their results in life.

As an Executive Coach, Business Coach, ICF certified Life Coach, and Communication Consultant, I have been training Leaders since 2006.

During my years as a single parent with 3 careers, I learned to empower myself with Time Management techniques & Organizational tools, which I now teach my clients to turn their Soft Skills into Power Skills.

With over 30 years of acting experience on stage, and in front of the camera, I teach you Public Speaking skills, and all the tools you need to create Powerhouse Presentations, so that you can reach your target clients and generate the greatest impact with your message!

Be The Best You Can Be!

Claudia Rocafort LoRes

After Covid, companies need a reset and a different style of leadership. Let's shift the paradigm of leadership into one of Conscious Leadership, which  can maximize the effectiveness of the entire company, inspire employee retention, and achieve  exponential growth. 

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Good communication skills are one of the most important factors in growing a business and achieving success. Billionaire Warren Buffet has said "the one easy way to be worth 50% more than you are now is to hone your communication skills, both written and verbal."

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From time management skills, to organizational strategies, I work with you on clearing your mind, your space, or your computer, to create the most effective and efficient ways to make your life work for you. From mindset to to strategic action plans, we can support you to reach your goals and desired outcomes.

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"Until you can make the Unconscious Conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."     Carl Jung

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